Museum Gallery Museum Gallery 205464565 (Sam Holbrooks photo) 180951160 (Sam Holbrooks photo) 180951161 Tools (Sam Holbrooks photo) 180951166 (Sam Holbrooks photo) 180951164 School Furniture (Sam Holbrooks photo) 180951172 Antique clothing (Sam Holbrooks photo) 180951162 Antique wedding dress (Sam Holbrooks photo) 180951174 Clocks, etc. (Sam Holbrooks photo) 180951169 (Sam Holbrooks photo) 180951165 Mennonite Sewing Machine (Kathy Davis photo) 181097768 Saddlery (Sam Holbrooks photo) 180951171 181098409 Ruth Jeffries Doll Collection The extensive Ruth Jeffries doll collection sits aboard a turn-of-the-century buckboard, on loan to the museum from Ms. Karen Booe. (Kathy Davis photo) 181049883 (Sam Holbrooks photo) 180951173 (Kathy Davis photo) 181100930 Arrowheads A display of Native American arrowheads from the personal collection of Paul Pogue, of Seminole. (Kathy Davis photo) 181098416 Mesoameric Calendars The Mayan and Aztec calendars, on display at the Gaines County Museum, Seminole division. (Kathy Davis photo) 181103211 Communications Equipment (Sam Holbrooks photo) 180951163 A Tribute to Those Who Served (Kathy Davis photo) 181101124 Military (Sam Holbrooks photo) 180951168 Bringing Home a Hero The story of James Larry Hull. (Kathy Davis photo) 181100186 James Larry Hull A fallen hero comes home. (Kathy Davis photo) 181100672 The Norden Bombsight (Sam Holbrooks photo) 180951167 The Travelling Welta Compur Camera Wilburn Hester's well-travelled camera has a history. (Kathy Davis photo) 181104035 Portrait Cameras Long-time area photographer Tommy Roberts chronicled the growth of Seminole and Gaines County from 1947 until his retirement. His equipment - and much of his work - is on display throughout the Gaines County Museum. (Kathy Davis photo) 181104324 Keystone R-8 movie projector (8 mm) C. 1930's (Kathy Davis photo) 181104227 (Janny Huggins photo) 180947018 Hess Corp. Miniatures Part of the extensive collection of Hess Corp. toys and memorabilia, donated by the Seminole office of the national corporation. (Kathy Davis photo) 181098621 (Sam Holbrooks photo) 180951175